Swing & Slide Door

Swing & Slide Door

by M&S Windows in Blog at January 26, 2017

Hello and welcome back to the M&S Blog, Today we’re discussing the Swing & Slide door.


The Swing and Slide door is a new generation multi pane door which enables homeowners to maximise their living space.


Introducing state of the art patented Mangaline slide and stack technology which allows the Swing and Slide to be securely stacked with ease. The seamless beautiful lines make sure you see no unsightly hardware, When closed the doors interlock together creating a secure solid wall, and more secure than a traditional Bi-Fold.


Available from 2 pane to 6 pane the Swing & Slide can cater for a wide range of sizes, Unlike Bi-Folds, The Swing & Slide doesn’t encroach on internal living room or external space when opening or closing, Any part of the door can be opened for ventilation or access and can operate as a partition.



Available in 9 colours from stock and our extensive range of colours with a 5-6 week lead time you can make sure your Swing and Slide is the perfect style for you, Check our website or contact us here in the office for more information on colours!


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We’ll be back tomorrow where have something all of us here at M&S are extremely excited to share with you!


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