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Buy patio doors direct from the factory and ensure you are buying not only the best quality, but buying at the best prices too..
When you buy from us you can be confident that you are buying the finest quality available on the market, at a price that is sure to be unrivalled because we are a patio door manufacturer and supplier. Our patio doors combine great looks and great security features. The first thing your customers will notice is quite how much glass there seems to be; that’s because we’ve made the frame as unobtrusive as possible. After all, if you’ve chosen patio doors its because you want to look at what’s outside, not at the door.

Slimline Profiles
Slim, Stylish & Elegant

40 Different Colours Available
Including 8 Standard Colours

Superior Noise Insulation
Cut Out Sound Vastly

A little more info..

The patio doors we manufacture will enhance your customers' home and increase their comfort and well-being. Our patio doors excel in insulation, security and acoustics. The frames offer unrivalled all-weather protection and outstanding thermal insulation that keeps your customers' houses warm, dry and draught-free and unique security features.

So what are the technological features?

Well, the frame’s shape ensures a perfect drainage system so rainwater drains away safely. It has been especially designed to integrate high quality brushes too, which keep the door free of debris and ensure maximum thermal efficiency and draught proofing.
And speaking of thermal efficiency, because our patio doors are made of naturally insulating PVC-U and have a 3-chamber construction, it offers fantastic insulating properties to help your home’s energy efficiency.
(It has a U rating of 1.7 to 2.7 depending the glass specification). For maximum thermal efficiency, it can use glass from 5 to 28mm thick.

So to sum up, our patio doors looks stunning, are secure and environmentally responsible.

What more could you ask for from a patio door?

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