Spare A Thought For Those In Need This Christmas

Spare A Thought For Those In Need This Christmas

by M&S Windows in Blog at December 17, 2019

This year we have been raising money for those in need through our raffles, nights out, charity cards and more.

We’re pleased to say that all of our donations have resulted in what you see in the picture below.

The picture shows Lucy from our accounts department presenting Ellie from Humanity Torbay with a whole host of toys, food money, clothes and bedding for those in need.

Humanity Torbay “believe there is a need greater than just providing a ‘roof over a head.’ [They] need to be there to help with health problems, addictions etc. Support with training, finding employment and provide encouragement. Also help people with finances and form filling, something lots of them find difficult.”

We’re proud to say we have worked along side Humanity Torbay this year to donate a good amount of much needed items to those who need it.

We’re also pleased to announce that Humanity Torbay will be our charity of the year throughout 2020 and we will be working even harder in the new year to support this wonderful charity.

This Christmas we urge you to spare a thought, a few pounds or any items the charity request for those in need.

Christmas, to us, is about; family, togetherness, comfort and joy. Many of Torbay’s residents will experience few of these luxuries over the festive period and a small amount can go a long way.

Until our next post, thank you to everybody all of our staff, suppliers, customers and friend who have helped us make a difference this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks as always for reading.

From all the team at M&S Windows.