A HardSoft Shout Out

A HardSoft Shout Out

by M&S Windows in Blog at January 21, 2020

Now and again in the office something old has to be thrown away and something new has to be bought in.

This week was no exception. Lucy, in the account department, had been using a computer that was feeling a little tired and once our IT guys had a deeper look at it they decided it was time for a replacement.

Our IT guys spring into action when they get their hands on new equipment but the new equipment had to be procure from somewhere. Our last few computers have been supplied by HardSoft Computers. The guys at HardSoft provide a consistently good service. They are great on initial contact, quick to recommend a solution, timely with their quoting and their delivery time blew our minds a bit. The day after we ordered the new computer it arrived on our doorstep!

We had a small issue in which we required some adapters to plug into different screens and HardSoft prevailed again, supplying the adapters we needed at no extra cost.

We really could not have asked for a better service.

If you’re looking to buy or lease a computer, peripherals, networking equipment an everything in-between – we highly recommend HardSoft Computers!

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