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Technical Downloads

Welcome to the technical downloads section. Here you'll find various, in depth technical specifications and drawings for many of the products we use to manufacture our windows, doors and sliding doors. Feel free to download anything you see here and save it to your computer to aid you in your selling process. There are no charges for any of our technical downloads. If there is anything more you require that you don't see on this page, please let us know and we'll get it uploaded for you..

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Technical Drawings


70mm_Coupling_Manual Download
2500_Technical_Manual_09_08 Download
2800_Technical_Manual_08_08 Download
3000_Pivot_Manual_12_09 Download


2500chamfered_Kitemark_Pack Download
2800decorative_Kitemark_Pack Download
3000zendow_Kitemark_Pack Download

Wall Charts

2500chamfered_WallChart_05-10 Download
2800decorative_WallChart_04-11 Download
3000zendow_Bi-Fold_WallChart_02-11 Download
3000zendow_HorizontalPivot_WallChart_12-09 Download
3000zendow_WallChart_02-11 Download
Monorail_WallChart_03-11 Download
Tecnocor2_WallChart_10-10 Download
Vertical_Slider_WallChart_08-08 Download


Changes_To_Building_Regs Download
Guidelines_for_non-white_windows_doors_07_08 Download
Rapier_Star_Fixing_Manual_2500_series Download
TCI_Guidelines_01_10 Download


2500_BS7950_06-08 Download
2500_PAS23-24_06-08 Download
2800_BS7950-06-08 Download
2800_PAS23-24_06-08 Download
3000_BS7950_06-08 Download
3000_PAS23-24_06-08 Download

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