Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

by M&S Windows in Blog at April 28, 2015

We’ve been running some email newsletters over the past couple of months and the feedback so far has been great!

We have a couple of questions though so as aver we take to our much read blog to ask the people that matter, our readers and trade partners.


Question 1: Do you enjoy the content? Is there anything more you’d like to be notified about via email?

Question 2: Would you see any value in advertising your business to thousands of window industry business in the UK?


If you have any suggestions on question 1, please feel free to email

If you answered ‘yes’ to question 2, we’d love to chat further, please drop us an email on


That’s it for today, as ever, keep checking back and we thank for not only reading but interacting as well. Your feedback is invaluable to us!


Email Newsletters