Website Changes

Website Changes

by M&S Windows in Blog at February 21, 2017

Hello and welcome back to the M&S Blog!


As many of you may know recently we have restarted the blog and it has been a massive success, We’ve also started posting on Twitter and Facebook again so be sure to check us out on there!


So next up is the website, We’ve been slowly but surely tweaking the website recently to showcase our new products such as the Flush Sash and the Swing and Slide Door and also add updated information on staff and we’ve also added a facility to contact us directly from the website!


If you have any feedback or any suggestions then feel free to e-mail us at we’d love to hear from you!


We are continuing to update the website wherever we can to make it an easier experience for everyone who visits our website to find the information they need and also to be able to showcase all of our products to be used as a tool for anyone!


As always be sure to follow us on Twitter
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Be sure to check back again this week for new content!