Four Years Of Blogging

Four Years Of Blogging

by M&S Windows in Blog at January 15, 2018

We’re nearly there. Four years since our first post.


You can still read our very, very first post here but to be honest, there wasn’t much to see on that first post.
The truth is, it was our marketing team testing everything when we first launched this version of our website.


Side note, we actually managed to find a screenshot of the website we replaced with this one.
Not too shabby for 2011!
















So, we launched this website in February 2014.
We’re rapidly approaching our 4th year of blogging!


We thought it was a good time to look back at our blog over the last 4 years and see what you, the readers read the most.

Picture the scene, it’s 2014 – Pharrell Williams and his song “Because I’m happy” is STILL number one and unavoidable on British radio…
You’re a local person, looking for work. All of a sudden you spot a post on Facebook about a career prospect at the area’s largest uPVC window manufacturer!
You read the article right? 152 of you did and we did fill the position.
On that note… We’re always happy to meet people and receive CV’s and we do regularly run recruitment campaigns.
If you’re reading this and you’d like to send a CV, please feel free to do so!


Next up, a post from just before Christmas this year.
Two of our factory staff going face to face in a boxing ring for charity!
If you weren’t one of the 82 people that read this post, here’s a link to it:

Factory Face-Off – Dart Vs Travers


Maybe you were one of the 61 people who read our post about “M&S Satellite”.
Still available, M&S Satellite is a system that allows customers to generate their own quotes and orders – directly on our system.
Imagine the time you would save if you never had to fill in an order form by hand again!
If we’ve intrigued you, you can read the full post on M&S Satellite here.


How about one more to celebrate the fact that we really have been active on this blog since 2014?
We uploaded a video blog back in March 2014.
One of our drivers sent us in a video of the floods he was experiencing on the Somerset Levels.



So, thanks for stopping by for this roundup of our four year blogging journey.
We know this blog isn’t exactly the BBC but it does serve a good purpose for us – it’s a lot of fun and it keeps us connected to our suppliers, customers, and friends of the company.


Here’s to another 4 years of blogging! 🍾