Triple Glazing: Homeowners buy ‘pretty’ not ‘ugly’

Triple Glazing: Homeowners buy ‘pretty’ not ‘ugly’

by M&S Windows in Blog at April 7, 2014

As the triple glazing debate heats up we shouldn’t forget that homeowners want pretty windows, not ugly ones. Already, around 10% of UK market volume is triple glazed, and it’s growing. If we follow Germany’s example – and the UK usually does – in a few years over half the market will be triple glazed.


Much of the current debate is focused on energy efficiency, the technicalities and what needs changing in the profile and other components to achieve it, as well as how to transport and install it safely.


But we should not forget homeowners: how they buy, what they look for, and why they choose one window, and one company over another. They want to save energy and cut their heating bills, and think three panes are better than two. But they also want good looking windows and care deeply how those windows and doors will look in their home.


And that’s a problem, because most triple glazed windows we’ve seen fall short of what consumers expect. Many are downright ugly, with glazing beads that stick out because they haven’t been designed for triple.


Designing windows that delight homeowners in looks and energy efficiency is not something we should compromise on. Consumers don’t expect to have to choose between energy efficiency and aesthetics. Why should they? They expect neat looking, flush beads that make triple glazed windows look slim while saving them money.


We at M&S Windows choose Deceuninck because they’re passionate about energy performance and design. So much so that ‘pretty’ windows are a Deceuninck trademark.


If the industry is to satisfy the homeowner’s need for triple glazed windows and doors that save energy and look good, that’s a trademark the industry will need to adopt.