A Look Back Over 6 Months of Blogging - And Our Top 3 Blog Posts EVER!

A Look Back Over 6 Months of Blogging – And Our Top 3 Blog Posts EVER!

by M&S Windows in Blog at August 27, 2014

To celebrate our six month anniversary of our website and blog’s launch, we’re harping back over the last half year and reposting our top 3 highest viewed blog posts so far..


Our marketing team overhauled our entire brand, website, blog, even our contact details we’re 2014-ified.

Managing Director Mark Sansome said:

“We we’re long overdue a refresh. Our image was a little dated and our website wasn’t hugely current.

We never really had an active blog and we’re really happy with the success of our new blog so far.”


So, with our new fresh image, an up to date and active blog and a social media campaign in place to back up the blogging efforts, what are our top three blog posts so far?


— Drum roll please.. —


In at number three, it’s the post that was shared on Facebook more times than any other post, and had a huge 440 views..

Happy Birthday Josh Hansford



“Our very own Josh Hansford is celebrating no less than his 21st Birthday!
Josh, who is many of our customers point of contact celebrated his 21st Birthday yesterday.” ..Read More



At number two, another staff related post. Again, shared a ‘surprisingly high’ number of times around Facebook and Twitter..

Welcome, Nick Sharpe. Good luck Andy Wakeham..



We said we were hiring didn’t we?

In the last couple of weeks we have made a few changes to our team in the office and in the factory, too. ..Read More



And the winner, the most popular blog post so far, with a huge 1,470 views, it is of course..

Join The M&S Windows Team



We’ve updated our website to add a new M&S Windows Jobs page.

Currently showing two vacancies, both in our manufacturing facility, we’re excited to now have a place on our website to advertise opportunities to join our ever growing team! ..Read More



We kind of expected this one to come out on top, a lot of the staff here shared this post on their personal Facebook and Twitter feeds and the post was subsequently shared a number of times from there. But there you go, our top three most viewed blog posts so far.


Here’s to another six months of blogging and most importantly of all, here’s to you guys, the readers who make the view counts as high as they are!