A Plus Rating Coming Very Soon

A Plus Rating Coming Very Soon

by M&S Windows in Blog at February 19, 2015

BFRC has officially launched it’s ‘A+’ rating!

In line with the new energy efficiency standard, we at M&S Windows will of course be offering the newly created, and already sought after ‘A+’ rating.


Officially coming to the M&S range in March,  the new rating is currently only available for windows but we’ll be the first to let you know if this changes.


BFRC Chairman, Giles Willson says:

The availability of the BFRC ‘A+’ rating band allows manufacturers to offer the most energy efficient product to homeowners, It also allows the most technically advanced producers to benefit from the marketing opportunities derived from BFRC ratings and being among the first in the industry to offer ‘A+’ windows”

We’re excited to announce more new on what is now the UK’s highest energy rating.

Keep checking back on the blog for much more information, including our first A+ rated frames, very soon.