New Showroom Stands - The Full Lowdown

New Showroom Stands – The Full Lowdown

by M&S Windows in Blog at March 9, 2015

We blogged recently, “A sneak peak of our new showroom stands“..

We (in the marketing team) we’re asked not to release too much information on these nifty little stands until the powers that be had finalised a few things but we couldn’t resist leaking a little preview of them. We have now had the go-ahead to spill the beans on everything you need to know about the new showroom stands.


Currently manufactured are the stands for our newest Trade Partners, Travis Perkins and Jewsons, no less!

Work in the background has been underway for a while now but we are now pleased to be able to announce that we are working with both companies and are supplying a new showroom stand to both too.


The stands themselves cleverly utilise a small floor-space to provide examples of up to three different profile styles, up to twelve different colour examples, two glass styles and a panel which can be printed with bespoke information relative to each customer individually.

The stands also feature two fully functioning and opening window frames which allow for the handles, hinges etc to be showcased also.


They really are everything you need to showcase your windows, colours, hardware and more in one compact space.

The example shown in the attached image shows off the full range of Deceuninck’s ColourEXPRESS range but the specifications really are endless!


We are able to offer these stands at a negotiable rate depending on your ‘Trade Partner’ status, even in some cases for free.


If you’d like to be the first in your area to showcase such a wide range of features in one tidy compact stand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We’re exited to be able to offer these new innovative showroom stands and will be blogging about them as the concept evolves.


For now, keep checking back and please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss a showroom stand for your company.