Meet The Team - In Video

Meet The Team – In Video

by M&S Windows in Blog at July 29, 2014

Coming soon we’ll be releasing a series of videos which will profile all of our staff members..


The idea came up recently in the office to profile each of our point’s of contact in our offices, our sales people, marketing guys and managers too.

The original idea was to do a blog post/ web page about each person individually but after developing the idea further, our marketing team have decided to do a short interview with each staff member to allow our customers and potential customer to really get to know our team.


Marketing Manager, Sam Squire said..

“We drafted a couple of pages up to profile our Trade Sales Manager, Simon Hawkins and s much as the idea looked great, it wasn’t quite personal enough. After a number of ideas flying around the office, we’ve now settled on a neat series of videos which will profile each staff member individually.. and yes, that will include the bosses!”


The video’s are being designed and written during the early part of this week and we’re set to start filming them towards the end of the week.

Keep your eye on the blog for further information coming soon.