Introducing... Brendon Boyland

Introducing… Brendon Boyland

by M&S Windows in Blog at March 26, 2015

Another addition to our “introducing…” series today..

Today we meet Brendon Boyland, previously A Class Trade Frames, now simple Brendon Boyland.

Brendon is a relatively new Trade-Partner but one we very much enjoy working with already.


My name is Brendon Boyland, i’ve been fitting windows for 23 years, and counting!

I’m a one man band window fitter based out of Chard in Somerset.


What do I like about the Deceuninck frames?

I must say, in those 23 years, the Deceuninck profile is one of the best I have come across. Anyone who has worked with it will know exactly what I mean, you can see the quality instantly.


What do I like about M&S Windows?

Also, M&S Windows are easily one of the most competent, professional companies I’ve ever worked with. Simon is a great account manager who is genuinely knowledgable, not just some salesman who can sell but doesn’t know the product. Simon’s experience is evident each time I speak to him.


Spare time?!

Don’t be silly, you know how busy I am!


Contact details?

My website has all of my contact details,

My phone number is 07886930183.

Email is


.. Thanks Simon!


Introducing... Brendon Boyland