Our factory is growing (again)

Our factory is growing (again)

by M&S Windows in Blog at February 20, 2015

In line with the growth in the amount of orders we take here at M&S windows our factory is growing, again!


In the last week have purchased a new three head combination welder by Someco to add to the extensive range of machinery we already utilise in our manufacturing facility in Newton Abbot.


Not only have we extended the scope of our factory by adding new machinery, we have also taken on additional staff to ensure the growth we are experiencing results in the same level of service and lead times our customers are used to.


We’re exited to be growing again here at M&S Windows and are always looking to grow further.

With this in mind, if you are a reader of the blog, a follower on Facebook or Twitter and are not currently a customer, please feel free to contact us either through our form on our contact page or directly on 01626 335555 or info@mswindows.co


..we’re also always happy to bring you into the office for a coffee and a no-obligation, non-salesy chat!