Colour made even easier with new leaflet from Deceuninck

Colour made even easier with new leaflet from Deceuninck

by M&S Windows in Blog at September 21, 2018

Deceuninck has produced a new leaflet to make it even easier for customers to order and sell colour. The leaflet shows clearly what colours and colourways are available from stock by system and product.


Deceuninck is fully colour-enabled and supplies 26 colourways from stock, available on next delivery. This attractive flyer shows Deceuninck’s colour combinations across the full product range, acting as an invaluable reference and sales tool for Deceuninck fabricators and installers.


Head of Sales, Chris Jones says: “Fabricators who are thinking of switching to Deceuninck are amazed when we show them just how many colours and colourways we supply from stock, and this leaflet illustrates it perfectly! It’s a useful reference for fabricators and their installer customers. They can see at a glance the colourways available in each product line.


“We are truly #ColourEnabled with 26 colourways from stock – including all cills, trims and ancillaries – with no minimum order. Deceuninck Online lets fabricators look into our warehouse and put their name on even a single length of profile. Whatever they order will be on their next delivery – it’s as simple as that!”


Deceuninck is No.1 for colour and has made significant investment in state-of-the-art foiling plant and warehousing so fabricators can sell colour with confidence. Since 2016 Deceuninck’s colour sales have grown from 30% to 52% of sales in January 2018, significantly higher than the market.