New Grey Substrate In High Demand

New Grey Substrate In High Demand

by M&S Windows in Blog at February 16, 2018

Anyone who works in our around the window industry will have felt the surge of grey products in recent years. The whole world seems to have gone hyper-modern and grey is in high demand.

Since it’s launch in early November, our new all-grey substrate has rocketed to the top of the order pile and is in higher demand than any newly released profile in recent years.

Whilst we have had a large range of colours available for many years, grey included, customers seem to be leaning towards a fully coloured profile. Maybe it’s because it looks very close to aluminium or maybe customers don’t want to see a white line when they open their windows. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure… Grey is here and it’s here to stay!

For more information on our new grey substrate – drop us a line here.

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